Denuvo 4.8 cracked – Assassin’s Creed Origins & Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases soon?

Sonic Forces is already cracked, for those who don’t know it uses the latest Denuvo protection. These could allow hackers to break other games like Assassin’s Creed Origins or Battlefront 2. It’s unclear if they are going to release now a version without any copyright protection.


There is currently no statement from EA or others about the copyright status but we will see in the coming months if the VM protection in AC: Origins get cracked too or not. The game has good sale numbers and the publisher was happy that it wasn’t cracked immediately after the release but this could be all change now with the upcoming Anti-DRM cracked version.

Without any doubt the hackers must be smart because it gets more and more complicated to crack those copyright mechanism and it takes huge effort to protect such games.

At the end we need to wait to see who does the race, if they going go release a new Denuvo version or if we seen a cracked version of all games first.

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