Intel Security

UEFI BIOS Updates For Spectre

With the Spectre vulnerability exposed, Intel is rushing out new microcode, and motherboard manufacturers are working hard to get BIOS updates released.

InSpectre detects the holes, in this case the microcode wasn’t updated – a Bios update is required!

ASUS has a page you can find here to see if your motherboard has an updated BIOS. Unfortunately only 2 X99 boards appear like they will be getting any love. GIGABYTE has a similar page here, unfortunately it does not look like they are going back to X99 at this time, but Gigabyte did tell us several X99 boards are in testing now, and the page will be updated when it becomes available for download. MSI’s page is available here, so far they have only released updates for X370, but there is a list of motherboards that will be getting the update. ASRock doesn’t have a dedicated page that we could find, but its support site shows many new BIOS updates have been released in the last week, with presumably more coming soon. EVGA released several updates for X299, Z170, Z270, Z370 & X99 on their forums.

Biostar hasn’t announced anything officially or inoffiziell yet.

Station-Drivers, has a mirror of all available Bios updates.

Microupdate codes explained

-- Updates upon 20171117 release --
IVT C0      (06-3e-04:ed) 428->42a „Ivytown“
SKL-U/Y D0  (06-4e-03:c0) ba->c2 „Skylake“
BDW-U/Y E/F (06-3d-04:c0) 25->28 „Broadwell“
HSW-ULT Cx/Dx   (06-45-01:72) 20->21 „Haswell“
Crystalwell Cx  (06-46-01:32) 17->18 „Haswell“
BDW-H E/G   (06-47-01:22) 17->1b „Broadwell“
HSX-EX E0   (06-3f-04:80) 0f->10 „Haswell“
SKL-H/S R0  (06-5e-03:36) ba->c2 „Skylake“
HSW Cx/Dx   (06-3c-03:32) 22->23 „Haswell“
HSX C0      (06-3f-02:6f) 3a->3b „Haswell“
BDX-DE V0/V1    (06-56-02:10) 0f->14 „Broadwell“
BDX-DE V2   (06-56-03:10) 700000d->7000011 „Broadwell“
KBL-U/Y H0  (06-8e-09:c0) 62->80 „Kaby Lake“
KBL Y0 / CFL D0 (06-8e-0a:c0) 70->80 „Kaby Lake“
KBL-H/S B0  (06-9e-09:2a) 5e->80 „Kaby Lake“
CFL U0      (06-9e-0a:22) 70->80 „Coffee Lake“
CFL B0      (06-9e-0b:02) 72->80 „Coffee Lake“
SKX H0      (06-55-04:b7) 2000035->200003c „Skylake“
GLK B0      (06-7a-01:01) 1e->22 „Gemini Lake“