Steam Alternative: RobotCache

RobotCache is an alternative platform to Valve’s Steam which offers several function which Steam doesn’t support, eg. you can pay with cryptocurrency.

RobotCache Logo. Picture: RobotCache

Can it survive against the existent platforms?

About the platform

Behind the platform is Brian Fargo (he started inXile Entertainment) among other well known names. The goal of the platform, is to give the publisher more money for their games, people can sell the games directly over RobotCache but the press release doesn’t go deeper in details how that exactly work and how to prevent someone to sell illegal keys.

This is what sounds awful and why I definitely will not support or use the platform:

"The blockchain network that is mined may be changed periodically and may even be adjusted for specific games, times, or events. That flexibility allows Robot Cache to directly reward users through Proof of Gaming while transacting on the Robot Cache platform"

This sounds like they can/want to abuse your PC to mine cryptocurrency.

RobotCache uses ‘Iron‘ as currency, you can use it to buy new games. There are several remaining questions and it smells a little bit like scam in my opinion. I think we not need another platform like this we already have Origin, Steam, UPlay, Gamecredits, Windows Store and GOG. I would love to see a platform which works will all stores together and cares more about the privacy aspect instead of trying to make money based on the hard work from the publisher.

What do you think, is this really an alternative to Steam? Is it scam or did you like the idea behind it?


  • Steam competitor Robot Cache hopes to woo devs by slashing platform fees (