Samsung 860 Pro & 860 Evo

The secret is lifted, the new SSD-Series from Samsung are here and there looking not bad! Samsung announced the SSD’s yesterday, some reseller already listening their own model numbers e.g. MZ-76P4T0E which means we might see the SSD’s very soon on the market.

Samsung 860 Pro SSD
Picture: Samsung

Samsung 860 Evo
Samsung 860 Evo. Picture: Provantage


Samsung 860 Pro Samsung 850 Evo
Form factor 2,5″
Interface SATA 3 (6 Gb/s)
Memory 250/500/1.000/2.000/4.000 GB 120/250/500/1.000/2.000/4.000 GB
Seq. read 560 MB/s (4 TB) 550 MB/s
Seq. write 530 MB/s (4 TB) 520 MB/s (starts w/ 256 GB)
M.2/U.2/PCIe planned? (unconfirmed)

I expect that the Pro series get MLC-3D-NAND but it’s not mentioned, while the Evo typically gets TLC-3D-NAND.

At this point it’s unclear when Samsung release it into the market, I got no information on this (yet).

Just give me the 860 Pro 1 TB for 250€ and I would replace my current Samsung, however I’m not impressed by the current data because a Crucial MX500 would be a cheaper alternative which is still fast enough. 😄


Samsung 860 Evo SSD M.2 2 TB
Samsung 860 Evo SSD M.2 with 2 TB Picture: Samsung via Webcache

Samsung M.2 860 Evo was for a short amount of time visible on the official Samsung page but got removed for no reasons.