July 2018: Page speed will affect mobile search rankings

Mother Google wrote yesterday an Blog post about the upcoming changes, starting in July 2018, Google will use a page’s speed in the ranking algorithm for mobile searches. Slow websites will be punished, moving faster ones up closer to the top search results. This update is called “Speed Update”.

Page speed
Picture: Google


Slow pages won’t be completely banished a slow site that ranks highly in other ways could still show up near the top of your results.

Developers and users can already inspect every website with the integrated Browser developer tools to check how fast or slow the page is, among with other useful information like how many bandwidth the page requires and other stuff.

Personally I like the idea because pages with tons of ads & malware scripts in it should’t ranked high then ‘good’ pages (like mine), the positive affect is that it helps to reduce the overall amount of Ads/malware because it’s then impossible to hide it without slowing down the page aka getting a lower search result rank.

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