Windows 10 Build 1803 (RS 4): New Fonts Page Coming to Settings

Microsoft is adding font management capabilities to the new Settings app in Windows 10 and with some poking around you can already enable it in the public beta Redstone 4 build 17074.

Rafael Rivera posted several pictures to show the new change, sadly he hasn’t posted a method how you enable it, but I will see what I can do and might add it into my regtweaks repo once I figure it out.


Traditional Font Panel days are numbered

The new Font page takes on the look and feel of the old Font Control Panel, making it instantly familiar and usable. The fonts installed on your computer appear front and center, below a combo box to filter out fonts that weren’t designed for a selected alphabet. It also has a search box, if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for.

The Fonts Settings page offers some kind of a previews of individual fonts that you select you then can uninstall them directly from there, type custom characters for preview, or access font metadata.


NexusFont or FontViewOK are good alternatives which are lightweight tools to manage fonts without crap, they simply doing their job and they won’t waste any resources. If you often work with fonts take a look at these tools.

My comment

Useless! No one once the change, no one needs it, Microsoft hasn’t announced the change officially and there are in my opinion more important things to fix. Yet again Microsoft shows that the priorities are on the wrong f(r)ont and in my opinion they should hold their old promises, Microsoft once said they want to remove the old Settings panel, instead now we have 1 year the mess with old and new ‘Settings’ which is confusing and it looks half done, most people then get the feeling they using an unfinished OS even if MS official says it’s a ‘final’ version which here and then getting feature updates – but there inconsistent and the community must take action and take pressure on MS until something really changes.

Was this really needed? No, does it offers something useful .. again no and I would like to see more improvements which affecting the security mechanism instead of such things. But that’s just me… Oh and about the search function, Linux has it since years integrated by default in ever distro. Such functions are essential these days and I still can’t believe why Microsoft needs Cortana running to provide such an important function or two settings panel…


  • Microsoft Bringing Fonts and Language Packs for Windows 10 to the Store (


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