Megasync 3.5.8 adds “Disable file versioning”

Good news, at least for me because I work a lot with the Mega file storage cloud, the recent update added a really useful function – Disable file versioning (when enabled [default disabled]) it will remove the ability to work with “backups” which means once you upload a newer version there will be no old one stored. This can be useful if you run out of Mega space or just in general if you not need older versions.


Sometimes you run into the problem that you get the “You run out of quota” warning, because you have older versions on the cloud and you was forced to delete them manually, the new features here kicks in and helps to avoid all of this.

Among this little change the entire changelog looks like this:

  • New options related to file versioning
  • Local backup cleaning scheduler
  • Support for video thumbnails and metadata
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Why I use Mega and why I like it?

I’m aware that Mega got sold to a chinese investor, however what I like is the fact that it does it’s job and the crypto system is partially open source among with open source MegaSync client, it’s good enough since I use it more for the daily ‘garbage’ files, my private data are not stored in any cloud.

The upload / download speed is sadly a bit crippled for free users but I can live with that, I do believe it’s enough for me.

Final words

MegaSync is still a good choice, the encryption is okay and their services are fine for some daily random files – Should you upload your private data into it? Hell no, if possible don’t you ever upload such kind of files into any cloud, just avoid it and then you don’t need to fear that such data can be leaked. Call me oldschool but I use usb-drives together with veracrypt.

The MegaSync Client gets better and better with each new update, sadly the integrated update function never worked for me, so I mostly only get a update notice via external pages, I hope it gets fixed and then the client would be perfect. The recent change saves time because you not need to manually clean the ‘rubbish bin’ .