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Windows 10 Anti-Telemetry and Data Collection Tools

First a warning! I’m not a fan of such tools and I do not recommend using any of them because I believe that most of it can be done via: GPO, registry, has no or less effect (placebo) or could be bypassed via dnsapi.dll.


This is the ultimate list which lists all tools and script when it comes to ‘Windows 10 telemetry’.



I will in the upcoming weeks explain why I’m not a fan of such tools and what strategies are better to deal with telemetry.

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The day and age we’re living in requires us all to be cautious on the internet. Big companies like microsoft have a lot of power and we know human beings are easily corrupted by that power.


I feel that disabling telemetry in Windows is biting your nose off to spite your face. I leave it all on, and all works well. Start turning things off and MS won’t be notified if programs or drivers crash, and they won’t be aware of other issues that they could resolve if they knew what is going on. Also, location services make internet searches much more efficient, and where would Cortana be if she couldn’t communicate with the servers. No, I leave all telemetry untouched. THAT is the best way.


Or simply follow the Blog and see how to deal with it with Windows integrated settings. GPO still does it job and the rest can already blocked via Windows Firewall/IPSec and other integrated tools.

In most cases it’s not worth to disable something when you might run into problems (e.g. if you have update/upgrade issue) and MS already changed a lot when it comes to telemetry, most so called ‘spying’ domains are never getting contacted unless you opt-in into the beta program or in case there is really a crash.

Also some tools are always outdated because of the update politics or not functional anymore, I think there are better ways and I still do believe that telemetry is not the devil. However what I not liked is that Microsoft sold the collected data to 3rd-party ones and this must stop, from what I know the EU commission already disallowed it and because of that the EULA got changed several times now since the initial Win 10 release.

I think as long as the data doesn’t contain private information and are encrypted and deleted after xyt days/weeks I would telemetry less critical than the media over and over wrongly advertise.


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