Bezel-free monitors are coming!

Prepare your wallet! Instead of one large slightly curved display, you get three displays with easy to notice separation. Some vendors have tried to minimize the width of bezels, but separation is still visible. Now there is a solution to this issue from Asus.

Bezel-free monitors
The solution? Picture: CES 2018 – Asus

As you can see on the left, Asus is using three monitors with typical bezel sizes. However, we if take a look at the image on the right, we find that the bezel has totally disappeared. Asus will sell the kit soon, and it is adjustable so you can use it on different monitors. However, you need the monitors to be at the same exact height.


Asus is using light diffraction to make the bezel-free device work, and as we can see, it’s working quite well. It is finally possible to turn three monitors into one seamless monitor. We hope to see more translucent versions in the future, but for now this device seems to works great.