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Better than IDA Pro – Radare2

IDA Pro improved dramatically with the new UI and Python bindings, but I think it has been hampered by early design decisions ie it’s impossible for a segment to be not 16-byte aligned which is a hold-over from the Intel 8086. Radare2 is open source and has a lot of features. It’s well documented and it should’t be a problem to make the switch when you come from IDA Pro.

Disassembled function displayed as graph.

A quick demonstration on 33c3 conference.

Reverse Engineering With Radare2

Radare2 is basically a open source framework designed to help disassemble software. It comes with a set of utilities to help with common RE tasks, like base conversion and file info extraction. It also packs a powerful CLI, r2, for interactively disassembling programs. If you’re familiar with IDA Pro or Hopper, then you have a good idea of what this CLI can do.


I will write over the coming months several beginner guides to work with Radare2.

Final words

The program is well documented, open source and you can use it via CLI or even with an GUI. It’s really a powerful tool which is outstanding, you might watched ‘Mr. Robot’ series and it was shown several times in this TV show (because he uses Kali OS) and it overall has potential to get the number one disassemble software on the market.

Let me know if you guys are interested in seen an in-depth analysis or a small tutorial and I might pick it up to write something about it.

This short article was only designed to name this program because I think it deserves some love and some support.