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Malwarebytes Extension for Firefox – You don’t need it!

Malwarebytes now has an add-on available for Firefox on AMO. The extension in beta, has this description: “Detects and Protects against malware, scams and deceptive advertising on the web”. But do you really need it? I know there are a lot of Malwarebytes fans out there and their main-product is mostly good to go – So here we are and asking ” Do we need another extension to secure our Browser?”.


About the Extension

The extension is currently beta and over 5 MB big (5.1 right now here to be specific). Compared to other similar add-ons like Bitdefender, Norton, Avast, Qihoo etc, Malwarebytes in my tests performed better. Please don’t expect 100% detection or zero impact performance. All security layer is imperfect. But so far, Malwarebytes seems to me the best add-on in its kind in my test within 24 hours.


The protection tab lists the four protective modules for Firefox:

  • Malware Protection
  • Scam Protection
  • Advertising/tracker protection
  • Clickbait protection

MalwareBytes sponsores HPhosts. Hphosts blocklist are huge compared to most others


The “advertising/tracker protection” was very interesting, definitely a competitive differential with similar add-ons and compared to other dedicated tracking blockers, in blocked quantity Malwarebytes performed equal or even better – the only problem is quality, there is not info about what is blocked?!

Most important, Malwarebytes is the first tracking blocker not showing redundant info with other add-ons. For example, I use uMatrix, and when uMatrix is “on” or “off”, the number of trackers blocked by Malwarebytes change this is very nice indeed.

The size of the extension is so big because it works similar like the “Browser JSGuard” extension, based on some light heuristics engine which works in the background and provides the protection against the mentioned modules.

Final Words

On his own the extension is mostly good enough for beginners, speaking about it it does not block ads (right now?) and that’s the reason why I can’t recommend it, the user anyway ‘needs’ an ad-blocker and then he simply can install uBlock/uMatrix which not even blocks ads, it even can control 3rd-party scripts and more! It makes no sense to offer an extension which doesn’t block ads right now when it comes to ‘browser protection’ because that’s not what the user want, he want’s an all in one solution which not forces him to install xyz other addons, that should’t be the goal and I only can hope that Malwarebytes will fix this, they have the ability to integrate at least HPhosts into their addon.

Malwarebytes came out too late with the idea/extension, there are already other extensions which providing similar or better allround protection. Windows 10 also has a 3rd party security software installed free (or paid), Smart Screen is doing already a decent job which is mostly good enough combined with some Group Policy changes. The story changes if you use an older OS and it could make sense to install it on Windows 7, but then there is the question why you need to install it instead of just the installation of their main product?


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