DNSCrypt has been Abandoned

The maintainer of DNSCrypt stopped supporting it, closed the repository on GitHub and put the domain on sale. The repository has already been cloned and is now maintained by Dyne. Unfortunately, they do not plan to add any new features, so DNSCrypt is abandoned in favor of the “DNS over TLS” standard.

DNS over TLS

The alternative to DNSCrypt is the “DNS over TLS” protocol. Unlike DNSCrypt, “DNS over TLS” has an RFC standard and this is actually a serious advantage. With standardization, operating system manufacturers can provide implementations in every platform, and in fact, it’s already in progress on Android, and we expect more to follow.

Alternatives till DNS over TLS is working

There are two clients currently: unbound and stubby. Stubby does not support forwarding, but Unbound does. However stubby has much more security built into it than unbound.

Please note: Stubby is still in the early stages and is in active development, so it will eventually have all the features unbound has. For now, you can setup both in tandem, however I have not tried doing this, so I do not have any expertise to share. But it can certainly be done.