Arusoft changes license structure

Arusoft today announced another change to the licensing structure of its Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping software, DeUHD. Two days ago the company introduced a Lite, Standard and Pro subscription – from today on it offers Lite subscribers to upgrade to Standard and existing Standard subscribers to upgrade to a Pro license.


Lite users pay €60 ($71) for 6 months, the license is automatically renewed. They can now upgrade to Standard and Pro for respectively €139 ($167) and €399 ($476). Existing Standard license owners can upgrade to Pro by paying €200 ($240). Both subscriptions are valid for a lifetime, but the difference between Standard and Pro is that the first has 2 disc per day rip limit and the latter a 6 disc per day rip limit.

Using leaked AACS 2.0 Volume Keys an Ultra HD Blu-ray ‘friendly’ drive , a non revoked AACS 1.0 certificate, and by abusing the now known AACS 2.0 loophole, it’s possible to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray movie for free when using MakeMKV. The loophole is possible because there are so-called UHD BD ‘friendly’ drives, which are different from ‘official’ UHD BD drives. Existing license owners of AnyDVD and DVDFab also don’t have to pay extra for using the leaked keys.

If you want to purchase an UHD BD friendly drive, then you should get one of these (some of them hard to find / out of stock already):

According to experts on the forums, these drives will continue to work, as long as the firmware of the drives isn’t updated. This means there is currently no way AACS LA can stop UHD BD friendly drives from playing and ripping movies with unofficial software.

The license changes were possibly made after a lot of users were disappointed in the DeUHD Forum where existing subscribers felt that Arusoft took some of their benefits after introducing the new license structure two days ago.

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