SourceForge’s new face

Remember the old SourceForge? Slow, shitty look and just so 1999? Times has changed and so did SourceForge, the bundled adware is gone and they changed a lot of (needed) things to bring the project back to a good course – the question is, is it too late?

SourceForge 2018
SourceForge 2018

GitHub and BitBucket are mostly used these days and it seems fine, SourceForge got a new management but does this really helps to fix the sinking ship? I’m unsure about it, the new interface however and overall page speed seems fine now. Sadly ads are still annoying as hell and the banners are not really well placed.

I think it’s not enough to do the same like everyone is doing, you need to be unique these days with your own style and ideas and I have serious doubts that SourceForge can compete against the concurrence, however I like the new design and it was about time to change things!

I wish SourceForge good luck to win back some users or even to gain new ones and I hope they re-consider their ads policy. The full announcement can be read here.

What do you think about the change, do you like it? Let me know!