Howto update your Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version

Sometimes your OEM doesn’t give you an urgent update for your Bios which means he maybe forgot to publish it on the support page, maybe he is busy testing other things or you simply want to get the latest bugfix version as soon as possible.

RIP ME. Picture:

Okay, I show you how to update your ME firmware in easy steps and without any troubles.


  • I like or but overall it doesn’t matter which one you choose, because pushes it’s firmware to anyway. You can also check your OEM support page but from my experience there mostly outdated!
  • Locate your firmware and then download the corresponding firmware.
  • Unpack the downloaded package to your e.g. Desktop.
  • Flash the image with FWUpdLcl64.exe -f upd.bin (for x86 systems remove the 64).
  • That’s it! Reboot your system once and you can check via MEInfoWin.exe if the new update got installed.

Slow down boy! – Step by Step please

You’re there boss, there is an easy step by step guide just for you!

Extract the files into a folder on e.g. your Desktop
Open the command prompt with admin privileges and navigate (with cd command) to your folder. Now call FWUpdlcl64.exe, it can give you an example when you type -EXP.
FWUpdlcl64.exe -f would be a flash example – remove the <> and replace the firmware with the correct firmware which is included in your downloaded package.

Restart your PC and you’re done, it’s necessary that the PC once fully powered off and back on to apply the changes. This can be done automatically by adding the -FORCERESET tag at the end, Windows will after the flash automatically shutdown and restart.


If you see red don’t panic nothing is broken!

Once you see the something red, don’t panic! Everything is fine, it means that the program wasn’t able to flash anything because there is a mismatch, this mostly comes because you tried to flash the wrong firmware.

You can check which firmware currently is installed with the MEInfoWin.exe program.

The MEInfoWin tool shows everything, which Bios, Wireless firmware and many other ‘nerd’ stuff. As you can see here, I’m on ME H.

plutomaniac wrote a fantastic guide here which answers all ME related questions.


This method works for every systems x86 or x64, it’s easy it’s fast and hell it bloody works! I use this method now since years and I was always ahead of the official leaks because I flashes mostly the newest builds without much trouble.

Of course there could be negative sides but I never faced one and usually Intel tests the firmware well before there getting released to anyone. Does this improve your systems security? I say yes, because you can decide what you install and you can decide to switch to another ME version how you want, of course Intel has still some kind of back-control because with future versions it will be possible anymore to downgrade to a specific version (due security reasons) but anyway the way is there (since years) but it’s simply not public enough. Most integrated/offered upgrade programs from OEM’s like DELL, Lenovo & Co are shit, coming with backdoors or eating your system resources, all you need is a good driver source and some minutes time – keep yourself well-informed, read the blogs (maybe even my blog?) and stay secure my friends!