Amazon’s Alexa comes to Windows

Cortana gets some concurrence, according to The Verge and Windows Central. The start was announced today on CES 2018., I made a re-cap of the CES 2018 among other relevant info on my YouTube channel for those who are interested in all the tech nerd stuff 🤓.

Amazon Alexa

The Alexa app works by voice recognition, similar to ‘OK Google’. Overall nothing really new except that Amazaon wants to take of the pie.

Is this the farewell to Cortana then?

They will merge together, you can open Cortana from the Alexa app and the other way around you are also able to open Alexa within the Cortana app.

I’m not sure that this is an entirely negative development for Cortana. We already knew about the upcoming integration of the two voice assistants and that Alexa was going to be coming to Windows 10 PCs. Presumably the far field communication microphones can also be used to access Cortana and perhaps that will open up the user base a little bit more. I have an Echo myself for test reasons and whilst it is fine for what it is, it is still very limited. Sure, it’s compatible with a lot of smart home devices but the average user will stick to a few brands of hardware and will only need the relevant skills available for those. Apparently, Amazon has some 25,000 skills available for Alexa compared to some 300 available for Cortana but the fact of the matter is that 24,900 of those skills are pointless piles of crap (and I’m probably being generous, I personally struggled to find more than 3 that I actually wanted to use and one of those is to play my own music library via Echo which is paid-for, doesn’t work very well and Cortana can do that natively). In terms of inherent capabilities, Cortana remains far more useful.



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