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Yet another Browser which want to invent the wheel – Brave

Brave Browser, maybe you heard of it maybe not In the Reddit community the Browser usually gets a bad comment and several people want to remove the Browser from the list. But let’s take a more serious look at the Browser.

Brave Logo
Official Brave Browser Logo

Brave is another open source Browser, which is based on Chromium and it uses as engine Blink. The benefit of the Browser is that it comes pre-installed with several anti-tracking mechanism and adblockers, you can opt-in or opt-out in it, the browser history is not been transmitted in any way to Brave, as the co-founder stated here. Similar to uBlock it comes with a script based engine which stripes away domain connection based on a filter list, another feature is the HTTPS ‘upgrade’ function which works quite similar to HTTPS-Everywhere. Almost all options are configurable and it regular getting updates. I see this browser together with Pale Moon as some alternatives to the original Browsers (Chrome/Firefox).

About Brave

The Browser is often under critical reception and there myths, rumours and doubts about the Browser without any proof. None of it is true and I can say that the Browser is definitely an alternative for beginners.

The interface is fast, clean and you can easily work with the browser right from the beginning, an Android Version is also available and even a macOS version or Linux version.

Brave control
The controlling mechanism is very easy to use.

I tested the Browser several weeks on Android and Windows and I couldn’t found much to complain about, bugreports getting fixed and the support seems overall fine, remember that this Browser is free! Their FAQ explains already the most questions, the ToS and Privacy Policy seems okay. Brave even has a seperate Privacy Policy which states that there several data collection, but it should be mentioned that these are option, which means the Browser not collects anything unless you manually opt-in into it, that makes sense and is totally fine for me because there is a documentation and explanation given.

Final words

Personally I can’t understand why this browser gets so many negative reviews, I couldn’t find anything which was dangerous or misleading. The Browser is fast and works on Android and on my test Windows very well. The engine renders pages very quick and I could play all video and audio files.


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