GNOME 3.28 Removes Option to Put Icons on the Desktop

Starting with version 3.28 (or higher), GNOME users will have to seek an alternative way to display and manage files and folders. According to developer Ernestas Kulik, the team is scrubbing the “desktop” feature because it is impeding the progress of the overall environment.


The developers are looking at alternative solutions to the task. A prototype GNOME Shell extension has been built that fills the gap nicely, showing app shortcuts, folders, and files appear on the desktop as normal (albeit with a few organizational limitations). But, for now, GNOME’s “recommended” alternative is to install and use Nemo, a Nautilus fork.


These are the kind of things that keep people from switching from Windows if you asking me. No average user is going to go out and switch to Nemo. If you are going to remove the ability to edit desktop then you might as well have it boot directly into a file or application manager. What’s the point of looking at a few random icons if you cannot add your own. It’s worthless with no ability to customize.

Why, just why?!?