List of VPN’s that allow P2P and Port Forwarding

When you choose a VPN provider you might also want to do some P2P or use a SOCKS5 proxy to forward your downloads e.g. via IDM or other programs. Personally I use PIA for qBittorent and to establish a proxy connection to my Router and Raspberry PI, so this is an important function (for me).


Keep in mind that port forwarding can be dangerous.

Static Port:

Dynamic port:

Port forwarding confirmed available but not sure if static or dynamic

Not mentioned at all/to confirm:

Confirmed port forwarding not permitted:

And here is a short setup example while torrenting behind a VPN, because I often get asked because which setup you should use.


I hope this helps some people choosing the right VPN provider, over the coming months I will take a closer look on PIA, NordVPN and ProtonVPN and write some critical reviews on these services from my point of view.

Also please don’t forget that especially for Linux/Android users are alternatives available.

Choosing the right VPN provider is as important as choosing the right ISP these days. Stay secure friends!

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You only need to die. It could make sense in the following case: Your VPN is slow or disallow torrenting. You want another proxy only for torrenting because you e..g. use Tor/I2P/… for surfing or you simply want surf normal. There is also the juristriction, in my case in NL it’s official allowed to torrent.

A need is not there, but some provider offering especially for torrenting an seperate tunnel duue speed/juristriction reasons.


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