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Upcoming changes for CK’s Blog 2018

Hello folks, some short news about my blog and a small roadmap what will happen 2018 on this page. I work hard and I try to keep up2date as fast as possible. There no false promises or marketing blah on this blog, this is a promise which I give my viewers!

2018 Goals

First I like to say thanks to all my supporters, daily viewers and even to those people which are sneaking around my blog. I like to start the year positive and even if there recently a lot of drama around hardware based attacks you shouldn’t forget that behind all articles are humans like you and me – there spending their free time writing articles and teaching people about the dangerous of the www. But not everything is bad and I always try to see things positive because a complaint without giving a solution is not really helpful in my opinion, it can help to get attention, for sure but I always open-minded for hearing practical solutions.

Basically my goals are the same when I started blogging but I also want to mention specific upcoming changes for 2018, which are:

  • Finish the old GitHub projects from 2017
  • Re-design the Blog (once I have time and money) -> low-prio for now, I’m still not happy with the article view and some other small things
  • Get some partner sites, to get more references to this page here and more viewers and more interaction
  • Get some more supporters
  • Try to keep an eye and focus on some more hardware based tutorials
  • Add a new header image
  • Integrate new share/like buttons to reduce some connections which are done by WordPress
  • Make the screenshots clickable/zoomable.
  • Automate the ‘unlocking’ process in case someone donated something, so that he/she can immediately enjoy the benefits. Currently it is done manually and takes some time.
  • 5 quality articles maximum per day and maybe 1-2 short news .. yeah that’s it … sounds not much but it is!

I also want to mention that it’s really an honor to blog, some people don’t see it that way but to provide information on a serious level is always exciting because you have somewhat a responsibility on your shoulders and that’s what makes blogging interesting.

Thanks for hanging out!