Opera 50 update stops sites from mining crypto on your CPU

Opera has just pushed out a new browser update, with v50 of its popular browser coming out in the next few hours that will stop sites from hijacking your CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

Opera 50 anti-cryptomining
Opera’s new NoCoin feature. Picture: Opera Blog

There are already extensions released for both Chrome and Firefox that block hijacking scripts, but Opera is the first to block crypto-mining within its built-in ad blocker.

Basically it integrates some kind of list which checks for specific domains (same like adblockers) and block the request. Is this somewhat special? No, but it helps the daily user which not want to mess with adblockers.

Besides the NoCoin feature Opera 50 now also supports Chromecast, which means you can stream your content from the browser to a bigger TV screen.

But it’s really a sad story overall, because crypo-mining could be an alternative to traditional advertising but thanks to the people which abusing every idea we are staying on ads. Well, a complaint doesn’t help but that’s just my two cents.


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