OpenWrt + LEDGE = OpenWrt

OpenWrt was dead, then LEDGE was popping up, now back from the dead – OpenWrt. It began 2016 when LEDGE split from the original project, the reason was that there were unhappy with the source code management and other internals – the happy end now? LEDGE will be used as code basis from now on, there also new rules which will apply to the entire project.


What does this mean?

  • OpenWrt 15.05 is end of life and not getting any support except security and small bugfixes
  • New and faster releases
  • LEDE-17.01-Releases still getting Security and bugfixes together with minor improvements
  • The new OpenWrt release will follow in the next few months
  • Both project merge and the name will be OpenWrt (cause it was the original project name) but with new rules and code politics

I totally like the new change because it was totally confusing, now we have one big project again and everyone is working together on it. At the end nothing much changes for the user, you flash the new firmware and then you get the updates and ‘over-flash’ it with the new release each time.


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Ahh I’m so happy to hear this 🙂 Everyone in the world needs a unified and more professionally maintained project for router firmwares. Chef follow their work and keep us updated please.

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