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How to make your Windows 10 taskbar fully transparent

You might like the ‘Areo’ thingy from Windows 7, well I do, so here is how you do the same under Windows 10 to get your glass look back.

Transparent bar

TranslucentTB is what you’re looking for. It’s open source and a good start, sadly Microsoft doesn’t allow Areo without suing external applications anymore and there only a handful, like e.g. Start10, Areo Glass or Classic Shell (which is a dead project).

But let’s see it positive, you at least get a transparent taskbar and that’s better than nothing.

Installation and Setup

After you installed and launched the application you can change its settings you’ll see the effects immediately, as the taskbar becomes blurred. You’ll find an icon for the application in your system tray, which offers two main options: Blur or Clear.

I recommend clear since it’s much more attractive but it’s a matter of taste.

If you want to get the program started with Windows you can drag & drop the application into the Windows own startup folder.

Type shell:startup and hit Enter. A File Explorer window will open to the Startup folder. Drag your TranslucentTB executable to this folder with the right mouse button. When you let go, you’ll be asked what you’d like to do. Select “Create shortcuts here.” You’ve now created a shortcut to your executable in the startup folder, meaning the application will launch at boot.

Final words

And that’s it, now you can enjoy the taskbar in transparent! The program works in the background and doesn’t consume much memory, so it’s a good deal here. I haven’t found any issue with the program and it is compatible with all programs.