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Xprivacy might comes back as XLUA

The Author of NetGuard and Xprivacy gave us new hope, he announced a comeback on XDA because permissions are still been abused. He made a point because there only a handful of applications which really take care of this, most of such apps requires root access and frameworks like Xposed. That was one of the reason why XPrivacy support was dropped, together with the fact that Google Play Store also won’t allow now the Xposed Frameworks and several needed permissions for this app to work.

Good old times might coming back!

M66B explained that XLua could be an answer, the script could parse all the needed requirements and forward it to e.g. another script engine or another framework. However this all is inofficial right now and this is only the first concept.

What’s wrong with Android?

You might ask yourself why you need another app, there tons of apps out there but Xprivacy was outstanding in support and features and that’s why I loved the app so much. It really gave Android the needed option to restrict almost everything, you could fake information or just restrict permissions and many more.

Android is not to blame here, with each new version Google adds more features and restrictions to its OS, the problem is that OEM’s are slowly merging the changes or simply dropping the support for smartphone devices after 2 years, which means your device might not get any support which makes your smartphone possible vulnerable to several attacks. I see fragmentation as a common problem and apps could be a gab to fill the hole and ‘secure’ your device because it’s out of date and you have otherwise no chance to work this out.

Recent Android versions do not expose running tasks and services to an app anymore and because of this there will be no new Xprivacy version. M66B also said that because of the same reason there will be no exclusive restriction for such behavior.

If he announce a new version then it will be targeted at Android Marshmallow and later Android versions only.

About the developer

I’m really a fan of his work, really – he did a fantastic job in the past, gave really quick support and fixed known issue incredible fast. His app, was as said outstanding and even his current app NetGuard makes a good job. Personally I recommend his apps and I hope we see an app which combines all his apps into one to eliminate the ned to install several apps to harden the OS.

Closing words

I think everyone know I’m not really a software or app fan but it really sounds promising and I hope we see more this year. These are really great news for the Android community.