Upcomigng Games 2018

We’re all looking forward to see some more games, better faster and with more stable framerates – right? Sure thing, so let’s take a look of the upcoming games.


PS4, Xbox One, PC

PS 4


All other games for every OS and console can be found here, there simply too many to list them all here. Personally I think I’ll play a lot of exclusive PS 4 titles this year because of Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, God of War and Death Stranding all of those titles looking really interesting and some might bring back some good old thoughts.

It’s still a shame that Nintendo has not as much exclusive titles as they could have, I mean there some interesting new ideas but there always a little bit slower than Sony or Microsoft. The game development seems to be behind.

Metro Exodus, Far Cry 5 and Agony are the games which I will definitely buy for PC.


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