CEMU: How to Play Online?!

So the new CEMU version is out but you might have several questions and I'm here to answer them all!  I guess I start with the most asked question on the internet. How the hell can I play Online while using CEMU? Requirements Wii U A regular SD card (or mini/micro with an adapter) of virtually... Continue Reading →

Windows 10: Do I really need to uninstall apps?

There are a lot of tools when it comes to the Windows 10 apps topic, there all doing the same there trying to remove the integrated apps, but is that really needed? Does removing the apps makes you more secure or just does it only causes troubles - especially if you want to upgrade your... Continue Reading →

WireGuard claims to be better than OpenVPN

"Revolutionary VPN Project" is what WireGuard claims to be and it also says that's overall faster than well-known solutions like OpenVPN. To be fair the application, the service and the entire development is still under construction but I want anyway take a critical look at it right now - do answer the question if it's... Continue Reading →

Zelda: BOTW emulated – Stable 60 FPS

The latest version of CEMU is capable of multi-threaded CPU emulation, with CEMU v1.11.3 available to Patreon backers, and will reach the public sometime next week. https://youtu.be/-lXLydxyZ_4 As you can see in the video above, system-seller Zelda: Breath of the Wild is running at a near-solid 60FPS, providing a much smoother gaming experience compared to... Continue Reading →

Android: HowTo install the same App twice

Sometimes you might want to test apps or modded apps and it's difficult because Android won't allow you to install the same app twice on your device, this restriction is due security reasons. What the Android OS basically does here is to simply check the package name and based on that (together with a signature... Continue Reading →

Apple iOS 11: Jailbreak 11.1.2

Developer Jonathan Levis just released an Jailbreak which works for iOS 11. It's based on the tfp0-Exploit which is a bypass in Apple's iOS 11 security system. The jailbreak is called "LiberiOS" and works on every 64-Bit OS including, iPad, iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 6(s) (Plus) and iPod Touch. There is also for Apple TV 4 and Apple... Continue Reading →

Let Windows 10 Free Up Disk Space Automatically

If you are using Windows 10 operating system, it's possible to let Windows clean-up some disk space automatically. The OS comes with a built-in feature called "Storage Sense" which automatically runs when you are on low disk space and cleans temporary and unused files.   It's a useful feature for people who frequently face low disk space problem... Continue Reading →

It’s over 9000! One iPhone slowdown lawsuit is seeking a wild $999 billion

After Apple admitted to slowing down their iPhone CPUs earlier this month, as many as eight class action lawsuits claiming that the company has robbed plaintiffs of the functionality and value of their devices have been filed. However, according to a report by Patently Apple, one is seeking a payout a bit larger than the... Continue Reading →

LockHunter silently got an update

Remember the good old times with Unlocker for Windows 7? Well, you might want to find another solution which is working with Windows 10 cause Unlocker has some issue with Windows new process structure. Then the LockHunter kicks-in and made your day, the application is very similar to Unlocker. The three buttons at the bottom... Continue Reading →

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