Hard Disk Sentinel Standard 5.01 – Lifetime license

To get the Hard Disk Sentinel Standard 5.01 – Lifetime license which does not include free upgrades – (if you update the program, the license becomes invalid) download the program here (the license is included in the program).

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard

All relevant information collected via SMART attributes are shown in the program:

  • Drive serial number, health and temperature.
  • Drive’s partition and space usage.
  • Drive’s performance, power on time, remaining lifetime, start/stop count.

Hard Disk Sentinel tests

HD Sentinel comes with four integrated tests.

Extended Test
The Extended self test is similar as the Short Test and add a complete surface scan which pinpoints the problematic areas (if any) and forces the bad sector reallocation. It is recommended to periodically use this test to verify the disk health – especially on a hard disk with less than 100% health. On my test drive this test took around 1,5 hours.

Conveyance Test
The Conveyance self test (if supported) performs manufacturer-specific test steps. This usually verifies the mechanical parts of the hard disk to ensure that no handling damage occurred. This test took 2mn on my drive.

Random Seek Test

This test verifies the noise level, track-to-track seek time and temperature levels of the drive, especially under excessive disk usage.
The test is especially useful after changing the acoustic level to verify how the modified setting affects the noise and seek time. This verification can be done by a short (quick) test.

Surface Test
The last and most intrusive test, the surface of the hard disk can be examined with various methods. Some of these methods are safe for the stored data but others are destructive: the stored information are permanently erased during the test operation, so be careful while doing it.


Is this a good program? Yes, that’s for sure, it offers some functions which are really nice to have especially if you’re unsure if your drive is in bad condition or not, testing stuff with it is very easy and the GUI is very easy to understand for beginners.

Is it better than HD Tune Pro? I wouldn’t compare it cause HD Tune Pro is more to find bad sections, while this program here offers more functions. Both programs are handy and there exist portable versions so it’s no problem to switch or use the programs when there are possible HDD/SSD problems.

It won’t prevent a drive from failing but in many cases it can give you a warning in time and allow you to backup up your data elsewhere before the actual failure occurs.


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