Display Driver Uninstaller Review

Sometimes it can be pain in the ass to uninstall a driver and you get a lot of troubles – DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) is designed to solve all of this, it’s designed (in case of troubles) to remove the nVidia driver + all the other programs it installs, like GeForce Experience, HD Audio and all other components.


DDU is for Windows only and only in case you have troubles, the normal nVidia uninstaller is fine to go. I mention it because I often see (especially on YouTube) that people advertising this program as ‘solution‘ – You should only use it if you have driver uninstall troubles – not as normal removal replacement procedure!

About DDU

The program is an inofficial program, which means it’s not developed by nVidia but the developer works on nVidia. Wagnardsoft offers his source on GitHub so it’s very easy to report bugs or to submit patches in case a new driver has changed / added something which not gets cleaned, the program usually gets an update after each new driver update to address this.

Wagnard also coded several other programs in the past like tdr manipulator and several others. He can be trusted and his programs always worked well at my end.


The program offers a removal process under Windows or in it’s safe-mode – you should do a backup/restore point before using the program. It’s click’n’go principle here, you execute the program and it does the rest. The program can also uninstall additional drivers from Intel or AMD. It was original designed to replace Driver Sweeper since there was no support given anymore after some time.

DDU warning

The program warns you in case that you’re not booted in safe-mode. Safe mode is to avoid trouble removing the driver, cause under this mode only generic display driver are loaded which allows to really remove all leftovers.

You do not need to remove any driver under Windows software uninstaller program, the program is designed to detect and remove all components automatically.


The program is very useful but it should be again said that the nVidia own uninstall process is normally enough. DDU solves the issue that e.g. you Monitor isn’t detected because there might be old leftovers (only one example). It’s free, open source and definitely got my thumbs up.

The developer and the community did a fantastic job building a good removal tool here.

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