MEmu – The best Android Emulator

When it comes to Android emulators a lot of people recommend BlueStacks, but I don’t like it cause it comes with ads or limitations. The emulator is created by Microvirt and its primary audience is geared towards the Android gaming community with the advantage of playing popular mobile games on PC.


MEmu package

MEmu comes packed with a big toolbox of options to configure the emulator, the most important for gaming being keyboard mapping. Simply click an area of the screen with your mouse and input the action key you want to use for the game’s controls. There are also special mapping options for MOBA and FPS games.

The Google Play Store is included, along with the Settings app and ES FIle Explorer to manage your files. Various menu items are displayed on the right side of the interface, such as keyboard mapping, full screen option, one-click installs for APk files, etc. These can all be adjusted in a convenient drag-and-drop Toolbar setting.

As mentioned earlier, the MEmu Android emulator has a button for one-click APK installs, making it easy to install Android apps. Simply navigate to the Android package on your PC you wish to install.

It also comes with a set of utilities for gameplay. You can take screenshots and save them onto your computer. A video recording feature with the options of high or low quality.


The emulator does support Hardware Virtualization and can benefit from several CPU instructions among other features like configurable Memory and HyperV functions. This overall means it works great together with modern CPU’s – but what about the older ones? Don’t worry it also works very well together with an older i3 Gen 3 without much troubles. The bigger problems you might suffer from are causing by AV programs like Avast.

Games like SubWay Sufers or even some MMORPG games working without any lags or input issue, this is a benefit over BlueStacks cause BlueStacks often had graphical issue while playing ‘extensive’ graphic games like this.

The developer explained in an seperate article, in case you have some performance issue, how to solve it. Which are basically related to the MEmu options.


MEmu is really the best emulator I’m aware of, it has some really good options which has individual tweak potential and the package is compared to other emulators small and clean, there no ads or anything annoying bundled with it. The performance is really good and it constantly gets updates.

The developer did a great job and it’s really an alternative to other emulators around the block.