Tips and Tricks Windows 10

Let Windows 10 Free Up Disk Space Automatically

If you are using Windows 10 operating system, it’s possible to let Windows clean-up some disk space automatically. The OS comes with a built-in feature called “Storage Sense” which automatically runs when you are on low disk space and cleans temporary and unused files.



It’s a useful feature for people who frequently face low disk space problem in Windows.

Here is how to enable the feature:

  • Open Start Menu and click on Settings option. It’ll open Settings app. Alternatively, you can direct open Settings app using WIN+I hotkey.
  • Now click on “System” icon and in left-side pane, click on “Storage” section.
  • You can directly launch the “Storage” page using “ms-settings:storagesense” command in RUN dialog box.
  • Now under “Storage Sense” section, set the toggle button to ON.


Now click on “Change how we free up space” link given below the toggle button.

On next page, you’ll see following 3 options (see screenshot):

  • Delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using
  • Delete files that have been in the recycle bin for over 30 days
  • Delete files in the Downloads folder that haven’t changed in 30 days

Activating the “Storage Sense” feature in Windows 10 can help users in fixing low disk space issues and freeing up disk space automatically. It’s not as good as CCleaner or BleachBit but it’s better than nothing.