PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Might be Coming Soon

Specter released a PS4 4.05 kernel exploit to GitHub today and stated it will allow jailbreaking and kernel-level modification to the PS4 system. However, they are not providing code that allows for homebrew or pirating games. With that said, I’m sure others will be more than willing to utilize this exploit to do just that.

Official PlayStation 4 Logo. Picture: Sony


  1. USB stick with 512MB free space.
  2. The latest PS4 update which can be found here.
  3.  A PS4 console which is compatible with this list.
  4. Winrar (optional) – Or any other extraction program like e.g. 7-Zip.

Quick steps

  1. Ensure your PS4 is updated to the latest Original Firmware (5.03), do that by checking system information.
  2. Download the latest ps4 jailbreak firmware. By clicking the image below it will take you to the download page. At the same time, plug in your USB flash drive.
  3. Extract the folder using Winrar. – Or any other extraction program.
  4. Place the PS4 folder from the extracted folder on to the USB drives root directory. This folder contains the ps4 jailbreak for 3. ofw to cfw.
  5. Plug the USB-drive into the PS4 console (off), and then turn it on. -This should take around 10 minutes to complete.
  6. Now the console should be 3.50 cfw. And your PS4 should now be Jailbroken.

Of course, jailbreaking has also become synonymous with breaking fundamental copy protection, allowing pirated software to run on a range of devices from cellphones to today’s cutting-edge games consoles. The flip side of that coin is that people are also able to run so-called ‘homebrew’ code, programs developed by hobbyists for purposes that do not breach copyright law.

I do not condone pirating content. Please stick within the games terms and conditions when using modded features. Although there is nothing to stop you, I would you like you to make the right choice – Thanks.