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Magisk 15/5.5.1 – Here is what’s new!

topjohnwu  just released another version of Magisk Manager and another version of his SU version. The changelog can be found here. Compared to his last 14.6 stable version the focus was here on bug-fixing the known problems. The Manager application got a massive re-write on several things, like the entire packaging process. The app itself was improved to load faster and to use less memory know which makes it easier to use it on older smartphones which might already running out of system resources.

Official Magisk Logo. Picture: XDA

A lot of work and a lot of coffee together with time was spent to introduce the update, it also works perfectly on Android Oreo. As the developer mentioned in his christmas post, the upcoming focus will be to integrate the modules better into a global repo (similar like with Xposed).

The update works stable and I haven’t faced any bigger issue like system crashes or boot-loops. If you’re willingly to help the project you can test nightly builds and report your findings to the XDA forumsdon’t forget to always attach a logcat.