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This Week is the last chance to get Windows 10 for free

Customers who use assistive technologies can currently upgrade to Windows 10 at no cost, but that loophole is ending very soon. Starting Monday, January 1, all users who wish to install the operating system on a new machine will have to pay $119.99 for Windows 10 Home or $199.99 for Windows 10 Pro.

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It’s been a nice ride, recycling Windows 7 keys to get on the latest Windows OS, but since we haven’t had anything like this before, I suppose all good things must come to an end. Of course, keep in mind, the prices quoted above are for Retail, not OEM. Most people building their own computers will use the OEM version. Now the thing that is not mentioned, if recycling Windows 7 keys for new installs will still work. This “PSA” is only mentioning the “Free Upgrade” on already installed systems. If you haven’t upgraded from 7/8 to 10 already, chances are you aren’t going to do it until you buy a new system.

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Free to upgrade. Myself purchased windows 8 and upgrade it to 10. Lately I try windows 10 fall creators update but I rolled it back because the CPU temp is 10 degree higher and my games doesn’t work. Nice notif!


If you name some games I could take a look at them and write something about it, about CPU temp. I guess that’s might related to drivers or/and memory leak [cause you wrote you have game problems].

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The CPU temp is noticeable without playing any games, windows 10 fall creators update has 65, without the update it’s about 50 C degree after booting.
Try Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, this has a lot of problems in my PC, the latest amd radeon software will not work also.


Which Windows version do you use Pro? If yes it could be related to some apps which are trying to update themeselves in the background (for some time more CPU usage). ABout PES 2017 – I can’t confirm it because I tried the game when it was released and it worked well. But Windows isn’t to blame here even if cause the developer should just update the game to avoid possible conflicts.

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Okay I will check this, I know that in the pro version e.g. the photo viewer app causes CPU spikes .. among other things. I’ll check this out and might write about it.

Related to this is

1607 has also several known bugs which are also refered in the reddit thread.

I’ll keep an exe on it, especially on the CPU/Temp thingie, since it’s interesting topic.

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