Quick notice – The best Jabber Android client is 4free today!

One of the best if not the best Jabber/XMPP Client for Android is today exclusive 4free to grab!

The conversation window and the contact list are easy to understand and the app follows Android’s Material guidelines. 

The client itself is open source and based on Xabber with a better GUI. A interview with the developer can be found on XDA.

About the app (in short)

Conversations start off with a good first impression when you logon to your messaging service. Every other app presents the user with a ton of different fields for server address, service port, username, and password. Conversations instead relies on DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) to auto-configure the client rather than overwhelming the user with manual configuration options. The user enter their Jabber ID (JID), which is in the format of an email address — an often is their email address too — and password. You can add multiple accounts later or manually configure server address and port if Conversations runs into a problem. While every other XMPP client app on Android adhere to ‘traditional’ desktop client design conventions, Conversations follows the Material design guidelines on Android to the letter. The result is a simple messaging client that feels very familiar and intuitive to the platform, but maybe not to long-time users of XMPP.


The app itself is really an alternative and for people which don’t like IRC or Discord a real deal breaker. It also offers end-to-end encryption and a lot of other useful functions. If you’re looking for the best Jabber Client, then just install it and be happy, because you found it!


6 replies on “Quick notice – The best Jabber Android client is 4free today!”

Yup, nice app, go get it if you use Google Play store and you like PUSH 😉

For the others, it’s in the main F-Droid repo, minus the PUSH part.

Like + The first link is a good point to go with Push, especially the battery drain part which is totally true, especially on Threema (with polling) it consumes around 35% more battery. I haven’t compared it against other XMPP clients so that’s why I only can mention Threema but guess the results are the same.

Please stop defending alternatives which aren’t alternatives without proof that the things you ‘highlight’ with caps are in some way ‘evil’ otherwise I see no point to talk about it at all.


What did I defend exactly?

I was just pointing out what the (only) difference was.

I did highlight anything, me messing up how “Push services” was written means nothing else, please read only the lines I write, not between them.
Also, your mind reading cap might be faulty, ask for a refund. 🙂


When your words doesn’t mean anything why you post them in the first place? Useless – Your entire ‘I use alternatives and I think I’m secure’ is just nothing cause you can’t proof it. There is nothing wrong with Push, Google connections are done to check the license.


I did not say there’s anything wrong with Push or anything else, my words should be read as I write them (not mixed with your comments from another post). Please? Thanks


Your words implemented directly that Push is crap otherwise you would’t have mentioned it. Why should you, I guess that Google apps using Google API’s is not something someone need to mention unless he has something to say….

Please stop defending alternatives if you can’t proof anything yourself that the known methods are for example a risk, otherwise I can’t take you serious and ignore your comments, cause it’s a waste a time for me to argue with someone which already have a pre-definied opinion. I take normally all comments serious and have respect for the person behiond but without anything it’s difficult what he/she really wants to say with his/her comment.


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