Which DNS Provider blocks the most?

A lot of people choosing a DNS provider to block malware or to bypass ISP DNS server-side restrictions but when it comes to blocking there is almost no documentation what exactly has been blocked. To answer this simple question, CryptoAUSTRALIA has now compared the threat-blocking performance of ten popular DNS providers. Suprisingly Norton ConnectSafe, SafeDNS and Strongarm have managed to block the largest number of harmful websites.

Which Provider blocks the most? Picture:

All providers were checked against hpHosts malware domains. But when it comes to DNS not only the amount of blocked domains count, it should be noticed that especially if you are a gamer, the speed factor is another point – they didn’t test it because it’s depending on how close you’re connected to their DNS servers.


Don’t take this too serious because you simply can block more stuff yourself with a pi-hole (which I recommend). You have to ask yourself if its needed to distrust your providers DNS and if yes why do you support the provider in the first place by using it’s internet? There is nothing wrong overall with a provider DNS as long he documented everything well, doesn’t censorship or monitor you. Monitoring is another thing which wasn’t mentioned because all of the public DNS servers logging everything which means if there not supporting any kind of end-to-end encryption they could see every request you made – I’m not sure if you really want this. In this case you might want to use DNSCrypt instead with your providers own DNS which then is good enough.

What DNS provider you use and why? Let me know.


  • Compare website blocking effectiveness of popular public DNS servers (