Prevent Google Play Store from self-updating

Here is a quick method how you can stop some battery drain on your device by disabling a Google service – which constantly wants update it’s own client in the background.

Disabling tthe $DailyHygieneService helps!


Maybe you installed a cracked Google Play Store version or simply want to reduce the battery drain on your Android device, then this trick is exactly for you! By disabling the $DailyHygieneService you simply prevent the ability to update Google Play Store itself which happens automatically without any toggle to opt-out.

It should be mentioned at this point that disabling this service also has ONE negative effect, your apps aren’t updatable anymore because Google Play Store can’t see them, which means you have to allow the service once in order to detect them.

Google Play Store scans your app collection (usually in the background) and you receive normal updates – allow this once and then you can disable the $DailyHygieneService service forever as long you not install another new app. However it only takes some seconds to disabling and enabling the service via e.g. 3C ToolBox Pro.