Emsisoft on crack – Chromium is not a real browser!

Today I got a strange email from Emsisoft cause I had trouble with testing their latest product (for a YouTube review).

Emsisoft (and it’s product) think that Chromium is a Trojan

Chromium is not a full featured browser. It is a platform for development, not designed for direct end-user use. It’s something to consider, moving forward, as it does not have the same security that a release browser does. It’s not a problem as far as our software is concerned, but if you’re expecting a secure browser, Chromium is missing features to accomplish that.

– Emsisoft Support

Right, according to Wikipedia Chromium is a chemical element. Or was it this link?! Okay so Emsisoft support says that this is less secure and not designed for end-user use. Exactly the opposite is the fact, the Browser is more secure – take a look at their documents. It has fewer features because most of them aren’t relevant or something to discuss about like e.g. DRM.

First scan detects Chromium as a ‘suspicious behavior’!

The email made me laugh, what does this have anything to do that the installer has an issue?! Really strange, well I not want to blame someone here but it’s a fun story which I liked to share. Anyway I got it fixed myself later.

Seems someone had a bad day here.

Stay secure friends, use Chromium!