data breach

Have you been pwned? Check if someone stole your online Identity

Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach – but how? With a small website this is now easier than ever, offers a quick check for free, basically it checks your eMail against a database and displays the result immediately. You can find their FAQ here. I think the service is really good so far and it also allows you to check other accounts.


About the author – Troy

Troy Hunt, a well-respected Microsoft MVP and security researcher. His blog is full of interesting info. Troy also has a good Web Security course up for free which can be found here. It’s important to note at this point that in addition to the big breaches, his site also collects database dumps from paste sites such as Pastebin. He also explained somewhere that he doesn’t actually store the password/hashes, nor does he want to.

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Troy can be trusted and I used his site and blog several times for research reasons. I’m thankful that such people exist and that some still fighting to inform others, I see his mission as important.

So now is you time, tell me if you got pwned or not. And what you gonna do about it?!