AnyDVD Supports UHD Blu-Ray Ripping

According to torrentfreak the latest AnyDVD adds a new feature – called UHD ripping, which could be directly related to the last key data leak. For a long time UHD Blu-Ray discs have been the holy grail for movie rippers. Protected by the ‘unbreakable’ AACS 2.0 encryption, pirates were left with regular HD releases. While that’s fine for most people, it didn’t sit well with the real videophiles.


“New (UHD Blu-ray): Fetch AACS keys from external file for use with ‘UHD-friendly’ drives,” the release notes read. The involvement of AnyDVD is significant here because it previously came under legal pressure from decryption licensing outfit AACS LA. This caused former parent company Slysoft to shut down last year, but the software later reappeared under new management.

The question is, however, how long the ripping party will last. TorrentFreak has learned that not all supported Blu-Ray disc drives will remain “UHD-friendly.”

UHD ripping log. Picture: Badnews (

This indeed appears to be what’s happening. According to several user reports, LG’s WH16NS40 is no longer able to read and rip UHD Blu-Rays after the most recent firmware change. Ironically, LG advertises it as “Improved BD UHD disc compatibility.

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  • AnyDVD’s lead developer doesn’t rule out he’ll crack the AACS 2.0 protection of Ultra HD Blu-ray’s (