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Cut the crap Micropsoft – Here are the ways to customize your Windows 10

So you might want to install your entire OS new fresh from the beginning and you ask yourself or your favourite search engine ‘How the hell I’m able to do this’?! Right, then this article is just for you. There are several popular tools and we will take a short look at them – NTLite, MSGM Toolkit, WinReducer & Win Toolkit are the well-known ones.


First of all

It is highly recommended that you create a backup of the system partition before you run any of such programs. Note that you need a Windows 10 ISO image, or a Windows 10 DVD, as this is used as the base image for the custom version. Some programs allow you to manipulate your current OS, so a backup is a key here!

MSGM Toolkit

Unless all other programs this tool is free, the only con side is that is not offers any GUI. The developer already promised to integrate an GUI but there is still nothing except the promise.

Looks bash’y right? Don’t worry the setup and the given steps are self-explaining

The project is well documented and is mostly up2date with all current Windows versions which means it supports all variants. The program displays an EULA on start which you need to accept to continue. MSGM Toolkit runs some scans once you hit the a-button to accept, for instance to detect the version of the operating system, and make sure the required tools are all available – which are stored in the MSMG Toolkit folder.


The main screen is easy to understand and you only need to input the numbers to take action. To show an example I added a video.

The program is by far the best program but it lacks of a proper GUI, once this is fixed it would my general recommendation to use.


The program supports all versions of Windows from Windows 7 onwards including Windows 10. While MSGM Toolkit doesn’t offer an GUI, this tool definitely kicks-in. The biggest con is that the program isn’t free and it’s function is limited when you use it in ‘free mode’. The license model is a nightmare and the developer refuses to change it – of course it’s up to him but the price is simply to expensive for the functions you get.

NTLite select the source
Clean interface and amazing simple to use.

The program does it’s job and there not much problems you run into it, you can integrate and remove things like you want. It does work with online or offline images, which means you can change things on your current OS or work with an iso image you’ve downloaded before. MSGM toolkit doesn’t offer an online function, but it should be noticed that manipulating the current Windows might ends up with problems, so do a backup and if you’re unsure better don’t touch it or ask the experts first.

The program would get my recommendation if the author would change his license model or offers more functionally to the free mode. However its the most easiest one to use, especially beginners will love it’s functions and possibilities.


Personally I don’t like this program because WinReducer is not totally free even if it tells you that. Many features of it are locked and have to buy a license that only lasts for 6-24 months to have all features unlocked. Most links within the program just links you to their own store to by more ‘features’.

The Main screen is very minimalistic.


The program works well and the GUI is quick but the navigation to find some things is a little bit confusing and you have to click a lot to find specific sections like the ‘Updates Downloader’. At this point I say the program is okay but if you pay for something then better invest your money into NTLite because it’s easier to use and overall cheaper.

My conclusion is that you should consider to use other programs, it’s not like that this tool is bad, but it simply has a strange license model and you need to pay for extra features even after you paid for the main program itself. The support is not bad, but overall it can’t compete with its concurence.

Win Toolkit

Was absolute my favourite tool back in the days, sadly it not gets as much updates as it would need to stay up2date with Microsoft’s frequently update policy.

Win ToolKit 2
The interface is clean and it explains what it does.

The program is free to use but you also can donate something to unlock special functions which allows you e.g. to download official Windows ISO’s directly with this little program.

It can same like all other programs integrate updates or remove certain functions, it also includes several registry tweaks similar like NTLite which you can activate or if you like add your own. This program is really good for beginners. The startup internet connection is required to check the license, which is a bit of annoying but I get that point.

What is the best program?

That’s a difficult question I rate MSGM Toolkit together with NTLite the highest, if you want a free and open source program use MSGM but if you are able to spent some money go with NTLite.

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So we can add or remove some features from installation disks?

You can make a guide on what you would remove from win7 or win10 disks with privacy in mind.


Nothing its up to your needs and I personally think that this should be blocked in your router not by manipulating the OS.

Of course I could demonstrate to boot windows with almost no additional apps and features but that won’t help at all the communication channels are dnsapi.all, svchost.exe and the optional services. Cancer can’t be cured by only eliminating some tumors you have to remove everything which isn’t possible besides some so called telemetry is needed to help ms developers to fix several bugs.

The first line of defense (no matter which OS) is your router and that’s more important. If there is general distrust you simply should avoid Microsoft product’s.

Windows 7 should also not be used anymore. There is the myth that there is less or no telemetry in it which is untrue because it runs the same services except for the apps part.


MSMG toolkit is a work in progress right now, and I suggest waiting for the next update. I have used NTLite in the past, and personally I find it cumbersome. In fact I completely borked my running OS with it. This is impossible to do with MSMG. I have not used the others, so I can not comment on them, but most people who use these programs depend on them for what they could actually do themselves if they took the time to learn.


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