Download all GOG Games 4 free

Holy crap – that was the first what come to my mind when I found the link! Every GOG game 4 free – yes it’s real I mean the entire GOG Catalog! I’m unsure how long it takes until the site vanish from the internet but I want to share it anyway.


Since GOG uses the same link and a unqie ID you can download the games from their site without having a problem with DRM (game copyright protection) because there is none. Remember: Each game doesn’t contain and DRM-protection. The owner also included mirror links, which is a pretty clever idea to avoid that the games could taken down.

It should be mentioned that the page is not official (see also the Browser banner on the bottom) – so you download the games at your own risk, but the games I quickly checked so far are all clean dumps.

However if you like the games and the platform you should buy it anyway to show your love! It’s up to you, but I wanted to give anyone the chance to get/test the games before you buy them.