Sentry 3 PC Case Fan Controller [CK’s Christmas Giveaway]

Only one week left until Christmas🎅 so hurry up – buy your christmas presents early and do not wait until the last-minute (like me). But this might get solved by winning the following product – a NZXT Sentry 3! The best Christmas tech gift for 2017.


Here is what you can win


The Sentry 3 PC Case Fan Controller from NZXT

A Fan controller is an accessory that could be essentially important specially for those who have lots of fans installed in their system. Fan controllers are very useful specially if you want to control your fans on the fly or altogether simultaneously.


The NZXT Sentry 3 features a larger 5.4-inch touchscreen display panel and a completely redesigned user interface. Comparing it with the previous generation Sentry 2, I would say that the Sentry 3 looks far better than the Sentry 2. Aside from the larger display and new UI, it also features Link Group where you can link up to five fan channels and control the link group simultaneously. The Sentry 3 also features precision temperature and fan speed monitoring. You can view the temperature in Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, and you can view the speed of the fan in RPM or percentage.

The Sentry 3 has a maximum combined wattage of 75 watts that can deliver 15W per channel. This is good for driving those 120mm and 140mm fans, even high performance fans. The fan controller comes with a Temperature Sensor where you can attach it directly on the CPU or any part of your system that you want to monitor its temperature.

The entire product and specific details can be seen here on the official page.

Here are the rules

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Easy peasy lemon squeezy! No login required, no spying or tracking. Just do the three little things and a random winner will get the Sentry 3 PC Case Fan Controller 🎁! The Giveaway ends 23.12.2017 and the winner gets a notification via eMail or social media account (which is the reason why you need to follow the Blog).

Final words

I’ll start this year my first Blog Giveaway and I try to continue it which means each year in middle of the Summer and near Christmas you get a chance to win some good hardware or software products – sounds cool right?! I hope so!

I wish everyone good luck! May the christmas tech force be with you! 🤓


Congratulations to TheOne65, which also wrote about my Blog on two different websites.

Thanks at this point to everyone which decided to join my website and the giveaway – don’t be sad because you might haven’t won something. The good news are that there will be another Giveaway very soon – 01.01.2018!

Thanks everyone and good luck next time!


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Hey Chef Koch! I get email notifications of all your articles, and you have absolutely great info. This fan controller would be a wonderful present, and a great addition to my tower. Again, thank you for all of your great blogs!

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