My GitHub summary for 2017

I recently found a good project which summarize your own GitHub chart. You can also check someone else account but the request amount is limited, because the API doesn’t allow more than 50 requests per hour.

My stats for 2017 – I think it’s okay.

The summary page requires you to star the GitHub source code project first untill you can see your own stats. It’s a rate-limiting mechanism. If you can enter whatever username you want, you can easily rate-limit the app.

Personally I wish that GitHub’s own chart would look exactly like this, it simply is clean and you see very fast what was liked and what coding languages you used over the year.

GitHub’s own chart – meh! boring!

I’m really looking forward to push my public projects same like I push my private repos but that’s really hard if you maintain your own Blog, your Stream accounts and of course GitHub – anyway I will try to bring more in to the community next year.

So enough about me – how does your chart look like? Let me know.


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