Browser Games

Play classic games direct in your Browser

You like retro games and you’re bored because you don’t know what to do over the weekend? Well then we have something in common. Here is a list which shows you a lot of pages with oldschool games which your can play directly in your Browser – all for free!

Play all the good games in your Browser!


  1. – offers a lot of old Arcade Games.
  2. Classic Releaded – free online site that lets you play thousands of classic PC games.
  3. – the page offers a lot of arcade games, shooter games and other classic games.
  4. Atari games – well the name is program. Play Atari games in your Browser.

The game engines use HTML5 or Java(script) and not any plugins which means that the games will run in any modern browser! How cool is that! No emulator needed!

Classic Reload is a huge online archive of PC, DOS, console and home computer games that you can play in your browser. It hosts many classic games and invites you to take a trip to nostalgia land or experience games that defined whole genres (or not) for the first time. All other mentioned page offers neat and unique games too which are playable without any costs.

You can submit your own games, the process is explained here. This helps others to archive and play games – which is a really neat idea.

Let me know what’s your favourite oldschool game.