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Bookmark Checker suddenly flagged as Malware

The popular Bookmark Checker got today flagged by Google as malware without any reason, it’s unclear if it was really malware or not. Personally I used the extension for years and the source code was always clean. The Google Chrome Store points now to an 404 page.

Bookmark Checker
Now flagged as malware!

This seems not the first time that Chrome addons get flagged without any real reason, some people report that this have something to do with Chromes extension content verification. The about:flags option chrome://flags/#extension-content-verification can control such behavior.

The thing is that you have to re-install the extension once it get flagged, which now seems impossible cause the Chrome Store link was also removed.

Bookmark Checker

Thankfully there is an extension archive to install vanished extension.

How to re-install flagged extensions

  1. Find your extension in the archive.
  2. Rename the extension from to xxxx.crx.
  3. Set chrome://flags/#extension-content-verification to ‘Bootstrap’ and restart your Browser.
  4. Drag & Drop the extension into the Browser extension page.
  5. Done.

This is really a strange thing Google did here, hopefully we get this extension official back it was a pretty useful little program.