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Android: Spotify without Ads

Yep! It’s here the first real open source Spotify alternative for Android, I’m not gonna lie, it’s good that we have such option because sometimes adblocking doesn’t prevent the bad guys to get your data or they simply bypass it via https. Remember that ads might be infected! – So now we have something to eat – some Dogfood!

Spotify Dogfood
The official Dogfood Logo

The developer linuxct from XDA has created an open source Spotify client which works on all Android versions (except the Auto version). Pre-Build binaries for ARM can be found on the official GitHub release page.

Linuxct put a lot of effort in the Spotify client and it’s really well done and there really no ads. At this point I’m not sure if this project stays forever because Spotify might not like it, but at the moment the project is not against their Terms of Service (ToS) because the original client isn’t modified.

However the project isn’t there to bypass the ‘premium’ function it’s more to give the community an ad-free client to enjoy music on the run.

Enjoy your music!