Lemme fix Tips and Tricks Windows

Windows isn’t shutting down? Try this!

Windows – you can love or hate it but you can’t live without it. The recent updates might broke the shutdown process, which is not related to the hibernation system. It’s simply a bug in the user login system (which might already getting fixed in the next update).

Windows shutdown
The normal shutdown dialog didn’t worked?

You might already tried shutdown /s /f /t 0 but even with such command nothing happened? Then you might read this article here till the end.

Here is what you can do

  • Press [windows key + i]
  • Select Accounts
  • Click on ‘Sign-in Options
  • Scroll to the bottom and turn off ‘Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart‘.

Now, you should be able to shut down your system without any problem. If you still having problems, try to update your drivers, some of the drivers might have troubles getting into sleep – this should fix with newer drivers (don’t workaround this just update).

At this point I want to give you a small announcement that I started a little ‘lemme fix‘ series on my Blog which here and then gives you tips and tricks around common Windows issue.