My Android App Collection 2017

I consider the year 2017 to be done. There will be no big announcement anymore, bots are gonna stealing Christmas (like every year) and I’m in general not a big fan of x-mas. So at this point I want to show which apps I used the most this year.

Best Apps 2017

  • Signal – Some of my friends still sending me SMS, so I wanted an app which still can encrypt it. Besides the SMS factor the app also has an integrated (secure) chat mechanism. Signal also has a desktop app.
  • Threema – My WhatsApp replacement, I use it daily and it’s worth the few bucks. There was never a data breach and I trust this app more than any other chat application (e.g. Telegram or Riot). The web chat is a useful feature but it’s sadly only available for Android at this moment. It constantly get fixes and new features – cool!
  • MX Player – I love to watch here and then a movie over my stream server or via my sdcard. This is by far the best video player app cause as real alternative there is only VLC or MoboPlayer.
  • MailDroid and ProtonMail the mail apps which I prefer, hopefully ProtonMail allows full IMAP trough third-party clients soon, then I could fully go with MailDroid only (which allows PGP & S/MIME).
  • Business Calendar 2 is the calendar app which I suggest to everyone, it’s fast and you can sync everything to Google without the need to have any Google app installed on your device – because similar apps often require you to have Google Play Store installed.
  • ColorNote – Sometimes useful because I’m getting old and forget a lot of things! 😌
  • Aptoide & F-Droid & Yalp-Store – Each app can replace Google Play Store on his own, but I like and use them all, there quite useful to get the latest apps and there regular getting updates. You can download specific app revisions or search same like you would search apps in Google Play Store – useful!
  • Authy – Since I use Two-Factor Authentication I need an app but not from Google! So I decided to go with authy. One alternative would be FreeOTP+.
  • FastHub – I work with GitHub so I need an app to stay up2date, this one seems to work well and get maintained on a regular basis.
  • Nova Launcher – By far the best launcher but I consider to switch to an open source solution because I not need all the gimmicks which this launcher comes with.
  • WeatherPro – Similar like WeatherPro, nothing can beat it – if you love statistics and detailed analysis you gonna love this app. There however open source alternatives which using the same service like e.g. TodayWeather.
  • WordPress – Well the reason why I use it should be obvious.
  • Wikipedia (Beta) – The beta app always worked better for me, I like to search and explore new articles and I usually check daily the news on the front page.
  • Hacker News Materialistic –  HN, a good source for random news without much bullshit. This material design based app works quite good and is free.
  • BraveBrowser – Based on Chromium with some gimmicks, good enough for me!
  • OsmAnd+ is a fantasic Google replacement for Maps or other paid apps like Sygic. You can submit updates by yourself and the navigation is for EU people quite accurate.
  • 500 Firepaper – This app is from the master himself, the only one – chainfire! It works well and you get good wallpapers. I donated something because I wanted to support him for his awesome apps in the past!
  • XDA Labs – Well for Android XDA is the resource #1, so this seems the best app to stay in touch with the forum! It’s still in beta but it never crashed once. 🤗
  • Banking 4A – The all-in-one banking app solution. Useful when you’re not at home or if there isn’t any WiFi nearby.
  • Termux – It’s the best terminal application with endless functions and extensions.
  • Hacker’s Keyboard – Not as pretty as other keyboards but it works offline and is open source.
  • Keepass2Android – Never store you passwords in plain text in Windows/Linux/Android/… so this one is a must!

What apps you liked this year and why? Let me know. 🧑

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I’ll try to start a series about Android and how to avoid most tracking, its planned during the Xmas days.

People in general should consider to use alternative apps and think in none linea ways which means that you should stay sceptical when it comes to everything that promises you free things … We all know nothing is free especially not from Google or other corps. which basically only making money by selling your data and statistics.


So you try to stay away from Google and any of it’s products right? Me too.

But can you explain why in your own terms?


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