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Have something to say? How about an guest article!?

So my friends, the Blog is running and it’s about time to share some good articles. Maybe, just maybe you have something in mind which you want to talk about – without opening your own Blog – so here is your chance! Contact me and then we can talk about it. submit-guest-post-ultravr-2

Have another opinion or found something interesting, okay – I can help you! Contact me and we can talk about it.

I accept guest posts, but I have a few rules:

  1. The content must be original and tech or tutorial related.
  2. The content should be useful, but I’m open for everything.
  3. No press-releases or shameless self-advertising.
  4. Do your research, check your source and not only add one single link in the entire post (if possible).
  5. Make it as easy as possible.

That’s it, sounds easy? It is!

I read and mostly respond to every comment when my time allows it.