Windows 10 now official released for ARM

Windows on ARM SoC? Impossible?! That’s what they told me when the first Beta got leaked back in the days. Now it’s here bishes! This seems to be the first time ever that Microsoft seems to be more focused than Apple (which works on semi-innovations like touchbars).

Windows 10 ARM

The ARM equipped devices will be running full Windows 10, so no desktop apps are left behind, unlike the previous time that Microsoft attempted this. The ARM chips at the time offered much less performance as well, so this time around, it should be a much better experience. Universal Windows Apps will be available compiled for ARM directly, but x86 apps will run in emulation, which is still a cause for concern for both performance and battery life, so we’ll have to see how that pans out. Microsoft has an “optimized” version of Office 365 for the new ARM powered PCs, which likely means it’s been recompiled for native performance.

What do you guys think about it and how about the Continuum project?! Could this really be a next thing and a big step forward? Can this really compete with Android?


  • Microsoft Launches Windows 10 on ARM: Always Connected PCs (AnandTech)
  • HP, Asus announce first Windows 10 ARM PCs: 20 hour battery life, gigabit LTE (ArsTechnica)
  • Microsoft’s Secure Boot OEM policy (Microsoft)
  • Windows Continuum (Microsoft)

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